Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mambukal Mountain Resort

We spent a day at Mambukal Mountain Resort. You could walk up the mountain to seven different water falls. A beautiful place. At the close of the day Maria and Sister Judy enjoyed a cable ride down.


In route to Cebu

On one of our free days we took a trip by boat to Cebu. I love the ocean and enjoy visiting new places.


Gordon at the Biao Jail

Glad I am not inside. There is no bed, sink or toilet.


Our Graduation Service

On Saturday, April 17th we held a graduation service. Here is a picture of the class Cherry and I had performing during the closing ceremonies.


Bro John and Gordon

Here we are with the children during an afternoon service.


Dist. Superintendent and Daughter

The District Superintendent responsible for area we were in was Irene Respuesto. Her is a picture of Irene, her daughter and the children of Biao during one of our afternoon services.


Before the afternoon service

The children would gather well in advance of the afternoon service at the Barangay Hall. Here is a picture of Bro John with the kids and a picture of the Philippines Praise Team.

DSCN0455 282

Afternoon Praise and Worship

We gather at the Biao High School every day at 5:00 PM for a praise and worship service. Here Cherry is talking with some of the children prior to the service. These children were such a blessing.


Bro John enjoys the local fruit

The evenings were special. It was a time to relax and get some relief from the heat. One of the children brought some Duhat for us to sample. I've had this before and it was fun just sitting back and waiting. I finally had to ask Bro John if he knew his lips and tongue were purple. Here is a special picture with Bro John and evidence of Duhat stain {:)


Maria helping with the children

Maria helped with our class. She would help pass out materials, work with crafts and siting our memory verses.


Morning Sessions with the Children

We meet every morning with the children for two hours. Here is a picture of the class that Cherry, Maria and I had.



First service in Biao

Sunday, April 11th, 2010 was our first service in Biao. Here is a picture of Pastor John talking with the children while Cherry translates.


Our prayers for Lawrence answered

When we got into Bacolod our friends Rich, Lisa and children were visiting from Australia. Lisa and Cherry up together in Biao and we had Lawrence on our pray list at Fort Branch for a long time. It was a blessing that Pastor John had the opportunity to actually meet our friends and see how God has touched Lawrence. God is good!

Headed to Biao

Gordon, Pastor John, Pastor Ed and Judith Redemer waiting at the Manila airport for our flight to Bacolod.