Friday, September 19, 2008

A Mission with a Plan

The Philippines is composed of 7,108 islands of which over 700 are inhabited. The total land area is 300,000 kilometers, with 73 provinces and has a population of around 82 million people.

The county has a mixed agricultural and industrial economy. There is serious economic difficulties which have worsened un the combined impact of the oil crisis, decline of export income, widespread corruption in the Administration, social and political unrest because of the Communist and Muslim terroristic activities and a series of natural disasters. Loss of international confidence in the country's future since 1983 has resulted in hardship and rising unemployment. The inflation rate is 80% and is suffering from widespread poverty.

We firmly believe this Country is a mission field that is ready for harvest. There is a great hunger for God in this country as never seen before. We ask for your continued prayers and support as we continue to plan for our mission trip.

The Official Website of The Republic Of The Philippines

The Official Website of The Republic Of The Philippines will provide detailed information on about any topic you would like to know about, including up-to-date news.

CIA World Fact Book

You can find detailed information about the Philippines by visiting the CIA World Fact Book.

Visitng the Philippines

Before visiting Philippines, you may need to get the following vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination: (Note: Your doctor or health-care provider will determine what you will need, depending on factors such as your health and immunization history, areas of the country you will be visiting, and planned activities.) Take a few moments to visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) site for additional information

Thursday, September 4, 2008


On August 6th, 2009 we attended our Mission Committee meeting and it was determined to place our mission trip to the Philippines on hold. However, Cherry, Maria, Pastor John and myself are still planning on visiting the Philippines in March of 2009. The purpose of this trip is fact finding and hopefully meeting the Bishop to firm up future plans. This will be Maria's first visit to meet relatives.