Monday, November 16, 2009

Bishop Soriano, Pastor John and Cherry Rogers

Here is my favorite, my wife posing with Bro. John and the Bishop. I know this was a special event for Cherry as she looks forward to the Philippine mission trip to her home village of Biao. I am very proud of Cherry and her efforts to coordinate God's planting of a church in Biao. Thank you dear for putting up with me during this stressful process. Yes, she maintains an attitude of success even when I get on the nervous side. God Bless you Babe!


Bishop Soriano, Pastor John,Dr. Doyle Ellis and wife Carolyn


Bishop Soriano and Pastor John

Bishop Soriano and Pastor pose outside the church for a photo shoot.


Bishop Soriano during the Children's time.

The Bishop listening to the Children's time during service.



Bishop Sorinao at Breakfast

The Bishop joins us for breakfast at church between services.



Bro. John Reviews the Bulletin with Bishop Soriano


Pastor John and Bishop Soriano

You can tell Pastor John was honored to have the Bishop not only visit but present the message.


Philippine Bishop Leo Soriano Delivers the Message.


Bishop Leo Soriano

Philippines Bishop, Leo Soriano,  visited the Fort Branch United Methodist Church on Sunday, Nov. 15th, 2009 and delivered a powerful message, titled "God's Connectors". It was an honor to invite him into our home over the weekend, we were truly blessed. What a wonderful opportunity for members of the congregation to meet the Bishop before our mission trip in April 2009.

Here is a picture of Pastor John introduction the Bihop.