Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pastor John and Gordon visit Bishop Soriano in Nashville, TN

On Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Bishop Soriano was in Nashville, TN on business and Gordon and Pastor John drove down to discuss the 2010 Mission trip to Biao in more details. This was a great opportunity to share ideas with the Bishop and we both felt it was a worth while trip. The Bishop will visit Biao in June to meet the High School Principal where we will hold our mission event. This will afford him the opportunity to meet the people and set the stage for our trip. He has agreed to accompany our mission team along with two of the District Superintendents and other Pastors from the Philippines. He will ensure we have interrupters and will assist with musical arrangements. Unfortunately Cherry could not attend since Maria is still in school. We had brochures printed which Pastor John presented to the Bishop. The brochure had a picture of the Bishop, staff and Cherry during a meeting early this year while Cherry was in the Philippines. The Bishop was very impressed and excited about our mission plans. I had one of the hotel employees take some pictures and I tried to take some as well. Yes, without Cherry's assistance it was messed up and ended up being video instead of pictures. My best attempt to convert them into pictures are below.