Monday, December 29, 2008


I discussed our March 2009 trip with our family doctor and he reviewed the CDC Travelers Health information with us. The CDC recommends a Rabies Vaccine if spending a lot of time in a rural area. We have elected not to get this shot as there has not been any known cases in the area where we are visiting. The CDC also recommends a shot for Japanese encephalitis, according to our local Health Department this was discontinued in 2006. Our doctor will provide us with antimalarial medication and drugs for food poisoning as a preventive measures.

• Hepatitis A - Two doses @ $20 plus $8 admin fee = $48
• Hepatitis B- Considered life long if you had the series of 3 in the past. once
• Typhoid - Series of 3 for $46 +admin fee $8 = $53
• Rabies - We are not getting this, no know cases in area where traveling.
• Japanese encephalitis - discontinued in 2006

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We are getting excited about our trip to the Philippines to visit family and plan for our mission trip to Biao. My wife, Cherry has been working hard at building up the family farm, which is not an easy job from the states. It is amazing how dedicate and determined that she has been throughout this process. She organized the planting of several rice patties and now is starting to work on planting sugar cane. She is determined establish the family farm again after her mothers death. I would be willing to bet that it will work out well, she has all of the drive and vigor of her mother. I am looking forward to seeing how the rice and sugar is growing when we arrive in March. It is our aspirations to build up the farm and relocate there some day to further develop mission work in the Bioa area.

We ask our friends and family to continue to remember us in prayer, especially during these bleak economic conditions. Despite these conditions we know that God will provide a way. I love the area and people in Biao and have a special place in my heart for the children.

When we return in March I will post pictures of the farm and area where we will start our mission work.